Friday, October 22, 2010

Story of My Pregnancy

The untold story of my First trimester (Feb 2010 - Apr 2010)

My other half keep remind me on buying the UPT. As far as I could remember, my period only

elapsed for a week. The date of my first day of last period?? I could remember it clearly

since that was the last day I stay at Kuantan. Ironically, that was the most painful period

I've ever had.

We bought 4 sets of UPT. 3 sets gave a very clear double line and the first set was blurry.

Then, we decided to confrim with the doctor. Doc only confirming my pregnancy through my

story. So, here we go acid folic and all the advices. Two weeks after, I could see some

stain come out from my V. It happen twice. I was so scared. I'm afraid that I will make my

husband and others upset. I actually want to hide my pregnancy from my parents and

colleagues but after the red incident, I have to declare it to everybody. Alhamdulillah,

through my first ultrasound, the heartbeat of my fetus can be seen clearly. Tq Allah so


During my 11 weeks of gestation, I was hit by all the time sickness. It was so bad. I could

not eat anything. Fluid making it worse. Fruits also can't sustain. My weight drop nearly

4kgs. Series of medical leave, moral down, devastated, frustated and emotional unstable.

Luckily husband was very understanding and gave me all his support and love. I was nearly

gave up by my condition. Dr could not do anything. I've been given two jabs at my bun. The

series of yellow, green, blue vormit last until my 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Work, enquires me to travel a lot. Hopefully little one once dah come out nanti takdenye dia

nak ajak parents dia jalan je.

The glory of 2nd trimester. (May 2010 - July 2010)

A lot of people did not notice my small bumps. One day, a colleague ask me when will i get

married. Whohoooo aiyyakk I'm already 6 months pregnant and he did not notice at all. I

could feel the move during my 16 weeks. Rase geli-geli gitu. And the gender reveal also

during my 16 weeks checked up. My EDD kept on changing. This is because he's a bit smaller

than he should.

Mom said it is ok, since I am not a big woman though. Again this time I travel a lot.

However by the end of July, I tot I should have taken the flight ride rather than on the

road since works at site was very tyring.

My last trimester and day counting (Aug 2010- Nov 2010)

Fasting month, thank Allah, I could finish my duty as muslim. Even though I lost my

appetite, my love one still doing ok. As far as I could remember, I cooked almost everyday

(almost la kan). I only go to Bazar Ramadhan twice. Only gain 1kg huhu.

Late September,
Yeah, finally baby's gaining weigh and me also put up more fat. When this story written, I'm

gaining nearly 10kg and my foot starts swollen. I am currently at my 37 weeks of pregnancy.

We both can't wait to hold the baby. Some people said I look so relax.. Tuhan je la tahu tak

kan nak tunjuk gelabah pulak kan.

So, why I cramp all the story in one post is because I think this could be my reference

later one since I never kept any maternity journey.

Di kesempatan ini saya jugak nak meminta maaf kepada semua jika ade salah dan silap. Mohon

doakan semoga segalanya berjalan lancar.

Till next.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I brag when I feel like a loser or i'm just tired

When this post published, I've already type something and It's gone..


Oh even blog pon dah x mau dengarkan saya...

Oh sapa yg sudi

Thursday, July 29, 2010

breath in the mud

adakah ini sekadar permainan emosi atau ape?

I think I'm stuck. Tak tahu apa yg nak dicari, apa yang nak dicapai.

Cube menjadi yang terbaik dalam hidup berumahtangga dan karier. Tapi as normal human being.
Sangat capek deh...

I wanna be a good cook, good wife, good mom, good worker. Tapi bos saya kata she's not good. Other collegue better. Owh...

" i want you to pre-amble this.. i want you to hold responsibility."
"Shut up man!"

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Template Baru Mood Baru

Oh betul lah orang cakap 2nd trimester adalah waktu2 indah dlm kehamilan.
Serious nox lupe dah kisah luka lara muntah hijau kuning segala.

Rasa badan lebih segar, dan ya.. perut yang semakin mengembang. Template baru ini sebenarnye kesinambungan dari perasaan berbunga riang setelah bersama2 suami menyaksikan hidupan dalam perut ini berjoget2 waka waka malam tadi.

Huhu sangat awesome la!!!!!

Uhhh baby blue....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thanks laling for your support

Hari hari mendatang saya semakin bertenaga, bersemangat dan lebih ceria kerana lelaki ini

Saya mesti kuat untuk dia.