Thursday, June 11, 2009

Am I getting senile?

Recently, I do forget lot of thing. First I forgot where the heck I put my SE k770i phone. As the result I lost it.Two times I lost my phone in 3 months.

Then, it was my watch. Mana perginya??? I'm taking out all my shirts in the wardrobe to find it. X jumpe jugak. Place that i regularly put my watch pon xde. I'm suspecting i left it during ablution. Thus, my hand is bare now. Sayang gila, aku beli guna duit bonus tuh :(.

OMG! What a mess, I totally forgot to renew my driving license. Luckily the ISO auditor has triggered my mind during his presentation as he used the example of driving license. phiuhh..Seb baik baru lima hari. Ok harini kena g renew.

Thats why I'm afraid of taking my ring off. Cuak gila klau hilang. Ya Allah mintak jauh la. Well I think I do lost my weight a bit since lately the ring is kinda longgar again. Arituh alter dah ok je fit in my finger. Ni boleh tercabut lagi :(.

Rase2nye la kan, seriously I need to tajamkan minda. Ini dah ade petanda2 nyanyuk, and I'm to young to get nyanyuk k!!!. So what shud I do? Shud I..
1) Play a lot of mind game. Sudoku, crossword ke, atau ape2 saje game
2) Get a physical game. Futsal? Badminton? Senam Robik mungkin?
3) Atau mengikut Miss Tae Yong membaca di pantai?
4) Maybe exploring the art of baking like ija used to do
5) Mmmm gardening semula??
6) Seyesly, need to read more more more often


P.s : I do forget about lot of things lately but I never forget HIM and him.