Friday, January 16, 2009


I’m addicted. What more can I say. Need to sober but surely not to knit likewise Meredith Grey .They tried to make me go for REHAB, I say No No

However, I‘ve been thinking of the way to distract myself from this addiction. If I’m not my life would be extremely miserable. Seriously I couldn’t handle this LDR’s thingy.

Thing that I do to distract myself from my ADDICTION:

1) Watch American Idol. I never hate Simon (this is definitely worked out)
2) Finish my Prison Break Episodes. If none left, watch it again until you supremely remember the line. I score A1 for remembering the line from episodes of Season 1 and 2. (can’t get enuff of Wenworth Miller yaa- season 3 and 4 dah start ngarut)
3) Change my Desktop Wallpaper (hard to do, but once I did it, wahhh can handle)
4) Switch Off my handphone whenever I feel like addicted.
5) Do groceries! Shop girl
6) Cooking or Baking- make sure that it taste BETTER! (Izy Steven’s way)
7) Housekeeping. Change the placement of bed, cupboard and boxes.
8) Gardening. Sampai skrg sy belom tanam ape2 kat dpn rumah. Rumput dah bape kali cabut dah, tanah dah bape kali gembur dah. Buy the seed Syida!
9) Dun be ALONE : strictly agreed
10) WORK.

Hi my name is Syida and I’m an addict. I’m addicted to you :D


Miss Taeyong said...

who is YOU? seriously (meredith style)?

we are sooooo goin to have coffee together babe!

maksutimah said...

ok2 sediakan cerita ahmad dhani ko ek

Miss Taeyong said...

but i dont have my very own en ahmad... :-(

sayut said...

addicted? bahaya nih...

maksutimah said...

hahhaha jgn tak tau sayut!

Miss Taeyong said...

hahahaha..aku br phm psl ahmad dhani. hahaha... that guy yg baca tafsir quran when im expected he read ROTTW. wakakaka...

cool beb, tp damn it! xsempat bkenalan.

sayut said...
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