Thursday, November 6, 2008

TAGGING GAME - sila response sesiapa yg saya tag ye

I’ve been tagged! Hell yeah I’m disclose all this because I tot it’s all over. My teenage era has ended. But to think about it and relate to others might be fun!

1) When first time you meet him/her?
Met him (actually notice him) in my English Class, Sem 1 … sweet smile ever, that’s Rizal. My first crush. Gila mengusha dia, sampai my final year! Opss and finally I got a chance to take a pic with him during convocation… no big deal, I’m over it! He’s a Chelsea supporter.

2) What do you feel?

Usha like a freak (paparazzo), frust bila dia couple ngn Siti (jgn marah ye ti). I am happy if he happy… Lucky me, never see them dating! The first person get to know this is Izma then Mimi then Wani.

3) What you feel right now?
I’m over it… It just a feeling masa mula2 nak kenal cinta. In fact it just a crush.

4) If your enemy do anything that you hate, what you will do first?
Buat muke la

5) Give 5 characters that have at you.....
a) Outspoken
b) Energetic (energetic orange that’s my car)
c) Hardworking
d) Easily Yield but Self Motivated
e) Kind

6) If he/her has broke your heart, what your action?
He won’t because NO him at all. Aku tunggu datang sendiri. Nak cari kang susah gak

7) What character you like toward him/her? (Ubah skit soalan ni jadi character that I look forward to- I use the same ok midah)
a) love me for who I am
b) Career oriented
c) physical fit
d) the one I love to talk with
e) Early bird (x suke laki bangun lambat, sbb aku pon lambat nnt semua lambat)

8) Who is the name of no.1?
Allah S.W.T – sama la masih ade iman ku ini

9) If your lover become your enemies, is it you will hate him/her?
I never confess with him my crush. In this blog is the first time ever. So he’s neither a friend nor enemy just a guy that I knew. And seriously, I’m over it and move on.

10) The most memorable thing he/her had done to you?
He did nothing. We aren’t that close.. oh maybe hati I berbunga2 time dia took my picture nak set dalam phone dia ..hahhaha poyo la. Sorry Rizal aku mmg syok gila time tuh

11) The most thing that he/her have said to you?
Liverpool looser kot.. ntah but he’s a chelse fan though.

12) To the person that always support to you?
I love you guys forever. Thank you for understanding

I’m going to tag Mimi, sayut, sharul Z, Lanny, netty and Ezairi. Layan kan aje… bos xde muahahhaha


Miss Taeyong said...

ur crush is a CHELSEA fan? hmmm... i like him already. hahaha... owh yeah, aku rse aku pernah dgr bout this guy. ;p

ada mse gk ko me-reply tagging game ni kn. hik hik...

maksutimah said...

sure got some time...
smlm bos tarak harini sudah ade..
kembali menjadi pekerja terbaik

LannY said...

wait for momemnt ok let me doing ur tag and will reply in my blog....cioa

syamimi said...

maksu..xsempat nak wat lg..nati aku wat blog gak..hehe..xreti lor..aku ni xmaju ke dpn..hehe