Friday, November 21, 2008

The World Not Just Revolve Around Me!

Ida and Tania: You are the third team to complete The Amazing Race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wah what a good feeling! Seriously I madly want they to win the race, but final 3 is totally awesome for these hot moms who never backpack from their crib. So they made it. As for me, I always really wanted to enter The Explorace, but dunno how to swim. Very unfortunate, by the time I start to learn several simple step in swimming, I've been transfered to Kuantan. The pools is yet here but CLOSED??

Forget bout it because today is my bad hair day. I woke up in the morning, felt like not going to the office, still forced my self. Start my Kesatria, smell something bad. Look everywhere around and gotcha, underneath the co-pilot seat, there's a water ingressed.

Go to Potong Serbis, have to left my car there for I dunno how many days. Luckily this weekend outages are canceled. My phone definitely rosak. " I can't hear you!". However after I sat at my table, I found peaceful. I got calm. Those motivated mail from a fren (u definetely know who) gimme a fresh tots.

So relief. I still kept the mail sent by netty " NEVER SAY U ARE UNLUCKY". Because the misserable we ever think we are, they are still unfortunate people out there. The world just not revolve around me. It just happen that sometimes Allah want to test me with those. To test how faith I am. .... Hasbunallahuwanikmalwakil

How lucky I am, because I can walk and run freely

PS:/ BTW to MISS TAEYONG, I'm bought the Inner Shine Berry because I want to kill with my eyes. hahahhaha (aku tak support Diana Danielle mahupun Nurul Shuhada Nurul Ain yang tak kapel dgn Dr Faiz tuh ok!)


Miss Taeyong said...

lor, 1 para je utk TARA. hampeh ko. hahaha... aku xbleh:

~ berenang
~ pandu manual
~ baca peta

...utk masuk explorace / TARA. tp aku bleh:

~ telan sume makanan exotic

p.s. i'll be ur driver la this weekend (actually utk hari2 yg aku x di booked sje)

p.p.s tish pun xleh berenang.

maksutimah said...

hahahah aku boleh buat semua yg ko xleh tuh kecuali berenang, aku baru pandai kuak2 sket je

tish tak tau berenang ke x suke??