Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Look for what we have in life

Being single is suck. That what i thought when i've been accused for having an affair with someone's husband. Office gossip surely make my life missreable yet tiring. Thankful to Allah, I still have friends around to consolidate and be very understandable all the times.

A very good friend of mine said that the best we could do is viewing the marriage as bad thing. " Sure or not???". Let put it this way, marriage is NOT a bad thing but being SINGLETINI at this time is preferrable. Why?
  1. I can go wherever I want without asking permission first
  2. I can watch football at Mamak in the middle of nite of course
  3. I can use my money all I want
  4. I don't bother someone is hungry at home
  5. I don't have to remember any significant date yet not celebrating it
  6. I can put extra effort in works
  7. I can date
  8. Feel free to be out of station and again hang out with frens
  9. Still carrying a 'Miss' title, which make me feel young
  10. Spare me some 'times' for myself

Well, I'm not saying that I don't want to get married but this is just not the time yet. In fact I'm now just reach my 24th years of alive. I do believe there's a good man out there and when the time is coming, I would be ready of course. After all, we are the one who determine our happiness.

'Look for what we don't have in life, we don't have anything. But if we look for what we have in life, the we have everything'.

Be thankful and cherish your life.


LannY said...

am wondering why this happen? funny does it?well dont argue to much for it just let it be...but when it really nasty and bad we have to fight for our right.....does her husband charming enough? its the best among in the unit? nonse...the jelousy over the realistic mind...as husband and wife which is to much outstation dont need to thing badly abt our partner....that y this happen...sabar syida....i know this story but dont have time to talk with you bcs that time i so busy to go abroad, but unfortunately i have to postponed.

is this happen to my sister i will "serang" back....kalau dia serang ko la.....

maksutimah said...

tq lanny lurve ya my pren

Miss Taeyong said...

hik hik... after lepak dgn ko smlm, im still thinking that marriage is a BAD thing. boleh dpt penyakit! wakakakaka...

but always put positive attitude. that's help whether we r single, in relationship, or putus tunang.

btw beb, seb baik aku menyokong ko dlm hal ni. kalo dah kawen, nak je aku counter argue reasons ko tu. very weak meh!